M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/03/15

The problems of being a good guy in a secret war…..

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#writerproblems :::adopting a whiney voice::: I can’t figure out whether the cops are on my hero’s side or if they consider him a vigilante…

Like, seriously, it’s a problem. It’s an urban fantasy pulp story in which my hero hunts down evil witches and wizards. Each side has a body count, some of which must eventually get discovered by police. My hero’s kills are in self-defense usually, but a scene that starts with Michael explaining to on officer that his life was in danger because the person he killed could shoot lightning from his fingers ended up with Michael in an interrogation room….

Sigh…. At the end of this novella, I have to figure out how the cops come into play here. The cops not liking Michael creates tension, but that makes the story harder to write…

Maybe I will make one or two cops like him and the rest…

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M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/02/15

Writer plot problems…..

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I spent yesterday morning on two planes I should have been on the night before. Weather delayed my Chattanooga flight to the point where I would have missed the last flight to Ft Myers from Charlotte, NC. I actually got home early enough that I was only late for work by an hour.

I spent those too flights trying to put together the missing pieces of my story.

I’m still missing pieces.

My big problem: my conplex brain created a real estate/murder scam by the vlians that I have to unfold in about six 2000 word chapters of pulp.

Stop laughing!

:::psyching myself up::: I can do this.

I have to by tonight anyway. The deadline looms…

How about you? Have you ever encountered something like this before?


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M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/02/15

The pain of a necessary professional evil as a writer.

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Ah yes. The first edit after the rough draft… It kind of feels like having your chest dragged against a cheese grater. When you write it, you think that it’s just the best thing ever. Then you read it and seriously consider changing professions.

I used my plane flight to ConNooga to start editing the rough draft of my Michael Lodestone pulp novella. (On that note, I apologize for the lack of posts. Since I was posting my ConNooga panel schedule, each day, I didn’t want to double up writing diary posts with for the sake of those who follow this blog through email. I did write every day, but Saturday and last night didn’t get much of time.)

Now that I have read through my rough (egads it’s rough) draft, I see the weaknesses and things that I need work on.

Basically, I need to throw a hand…

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M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 02/26/15

Check out MBs Panels and go to the table. Buy her stuff….. Bring coffee.

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Tomorrow, I am flying to Chattanooga for ConNooga, where I will be featured on the literary track and on the horror track, which is exciting because my first horror story just got published. I am posting my panel schedule here every day, but here is a the complete list of my panels this weekend

I will be performing a live version of my short story, “The Witch Hunter” at 4:00. And you will want to stop by the Big Bad II release party to meet some of the other talented authors in the anthology.

Needless to say, today was about packing and prep. I sat down and tweaked the end of the novel a bit, honestly only in order to fulfil my “write every day” New Years resolution. I also printed out the first draft of this pulp novel so I can start working on editing on the plane. I…

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M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 02/24/15

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Looks like Michael Lodestone is getting a name change. The name has been bugging me a wee bit, and I remembered a few weeks ago that the super-villain group in the steampunk series I’ve slowly been adding to is called Ironstone….

So Lodestone has to go. I’m thinking of calling him Michael Hunter or Michael Huntsman, since he technically was the huntsman in the Snow White story… (I’m also practicing telling my “Witch Hunter” story from memory for my panel at ConNooga this Friday, and the witch refers to him as the huntsman once she realizes who he is…)

Suggestions on names?


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Signing the Guest Book

This past Valentine Weekend was the first writer’s retreat for Four Fools Press. This quickly became a tag line since this ill-fated venture kicked off on Friday the 13th. We found ourselves in a secluded cabin in the middle of the woods with little cell reception, no internet to speak of, and we sat directly on the Eastern and Central time zones. One side of the room was an hour behind the other. You see where this train is headed right?

Six writers in the woods…. Friday the 13th…. Yup one anthology of horror and silly homages to the genre and good natured ribbing at each other.

The actual get together was as one would expect of six guys who love beer, food, and camping. It was deer camp, without rolling out of bed early to get to the deer stand. But it was also a creative smorgasbord of ideas, brain storming, and working on individual projects without the interference of normal life and especially actual jobs. Writing and the end result: publishing, is hard work. It just doesn’t seem like it when it is fun, rewarding, and feeds the soul.

The location of course lent itself to the idea and joke that we were a horror movie waiting to happen. So we decided that a horror anthology was the answer to this all too obvious situation.

This was not to be an anthology of separate horror tales with a central theme, like having it all take place in a secluded cabin on Friday the 13th. No, that is too easy. No, we were going to write about the same events, happening at the same time, to the same people, from six perspectives.

The result became The Guest Book.

It was a Free For All with only a few ground rules for something that might resemble consistency. I shall not state them here as they would lead to some spoilers for the actual story. I will only give the List of Tales to be found within:

Red Rum By John Langley

Running Scared by Corey Blankenship

Firestarter by Brannon Hollingsworth

Boared to Death by Davis Riddle

20 Paces by R.R. Hunsinger

Road Rage by Brannon Hall

John Langley and Davis Riddle authored the Prologue and Epilogue respectively. Brannon Hollingsworth Edited the anthology and Brannon Hall the art direction.

The events within the anthology, that really clocks in at about 10,000 words so in essence a collaborative short story, the resemblance to the actual authors is frighteningly accurate only in caricature.