Four Unspoken Promises All Authors Make to Readers

Seems this would go without definition. But these are big points that do get forgotten!

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

business-silhouette-1016872-mToday’s post is all about the promises we authors make to readers when we write a novel: whether we know it or not. We need to be aware of the promises we’re making because we need to make sure we keep them.

Don’t keep them, and you’ve got a reader revolt on your hands.

Many of the things readers gripe about in negative reviews– “I was let down at the end,” “It bored me,” “It wasn’t what I expected,” “The points I cared about were dropped by the author and never resolved– are often the result of us breaking those unspoken but powerful promises.

Now, some quick background for this post: in a graduate course about autobiography, I had to read some theory written by a Frenchman named “Phillipe Lejeune.” He claimed that readers have an implicit understanding of an “autobiographical pact” when they read an autobiography.

He goes on…

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