M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/09/15

The grind……

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Last night’s writing session was an exercise–no, a battle–of desire. Basically my will and my brain/body went to war. My will was fully determined to finish the 2nd round of edits in Chapter One of my urban fantasy pulp novella. My brain kept getting distracted, and my body took interest only in sleep. It was definitely one of the hardest writing sessions I’ve experienced, and I have stayed up 48 sleepless hours to finish a short story by the deadline–twice. (I think tonight’s little clash of will vs body felt so much more difficult because I’m so warn down from a good month and a half of staying up so late.)

I’m happy to report that my will won out. I finished my daily allotment of edits by 2:00am and hit the showers.

Granted, my bathroom walls appeared to tilt back and forth a bit, and I kept swatting at…

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