M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/05/15

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Sometimes writing goals have to be cut short for friends and paella.

I’m just saying…

Two things got in the way of comet ing my fo of finishing the edits of chapter one:

  • Dinner plans. I’m a writer, not a hermit. Friends keep writers from going insane. And did I mention paella?
  • Administrative stuff. Herein lies the problem with writing. We have to write to make money, but we also have to promote to get people to buy our books. Last night (and the night before actually) I was working with CyphaCon on panels. I will be the author Gueat of Honor there, and I needed to give them some panel ideas I wanted to do.)

Long story short, I have edits from chapter one done, but they need to be entered. I will do that tonight and catch up this weekend.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice the short term…

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