M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/04/15

Chasing the plot rabbit……

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Finding your plot can often feel like a snipe hunt. Generally it lasts until the wee hours of the morning, and you come back empty-handed and grouchy.

After combing through the rough draft of this urban-fantasy novella, I’ve got a killer first have and an intense last quarter. However, I’m still missing 3 chapters… (Basically the last half of my rising action.) I spent a few hours racking my brain on this, trying to figure out what ought to happen, but…

Last night, I felt like I was stuck out in the middle of a field during a snipe hunt (while all the hunt organizers were laughing at me). (I blame the muse in this one.)

Fortunately, I know the answer to this one. Anytime I have trouble finding the plot, I generally have to get into the story instead of trying to figure it out on my own…

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