M. B. Weston’s Writing Diary: 03/03/15

The problems of being a good guy in a secret war…..

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#writerproblems :::adopting a whiney voice::: I can’t figure out whether the cops are on my hero’s side or if they consider him a vigilante…

Like, seriously, it’s a problem. It’s an urban fantasy pulp story in which my hero hunts down evil witches and wizards. Each side has a body count, some of which must eventually get discovered by police. My hero’s kills are in self-defense usually, but a scene that starts with Michael explaining to on officer that his life was in danger because the person he killed could shoot lightning from his fingers ended up with Michael in an interrogation room….

Sigh…. At the end of this novella, I have to figure out how the cops come into play here. The cops not liking Michael creates tension, but that makes the story harder to write…

Maybe I will make one or two cops like him and the rest…

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